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09-11 Oct 2018



Tibesti Hotel, Benghazi , Libya





Previous Events:

Some conferences, workshops and seminars:

  • Training of Structural Geology(GG4) to Wintershall and LPI EEs 13-24/Aug/2017, Tripoli-Libya
  • Training of Total Quality Management (TQM) to Mabruk Oil Operation 13-17/Aug/2017, Tripoli-Libya
  • Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Sedimentary Basins of Libya Project (workshop) Jul 25/2017, Tripoli-Libya 
  • 1st Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2002) 11-11/1/2002, Tripoli-Libya
  • 2nd Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2004) 28-30/06/2004, Tripoli-Libya
  • 3rd Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2006) 12-14/09/2006, Tripoli-Libya
  • 4th Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2008) 21-23/10/2008, Tripoli-Libya
  • 5th Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2010) 12-14/10/2010, Tripoli-Libya
  • 6th Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2012) 16-18/10/2012, Tripoli-Libya
  • 7th Technology of Oil and Gas Forum & Exhibition (TOG2014) 26-28/05/2014, Tripoli-Libya
  • 1st International Petroleum Environmental Conference & Exhibition (IPEC 2008), 12-14/5/2008, Tripoli-Libya
  • 2ed International Petroleum Environmental Conference & Exhibition (IPEC 2014), 17-19/6/2014, Tripoli-Libya
  • The 14th Arab Chemistry Conference & Exhibition (ACC14), 31 March-3rd April, 2008 Tripoli-Libya, in cooperation with the Libyan Chemical association
  • 1st International Conference on Geophysical Exploration in Libya, 22-24/02/2005, Tripoli-Libya




1st Conference on the Microfossils around the Thethys Margins, 03-05/10/2004, Tripoli-Libya
  • 1st International Conference and Exhibition of Oil Field Chemicals, 08-10/12/2003, Tripoli-Libya
  • International Workshop on North Africa Micropalaeontology for Petroleum Exploration, 21-25/08/2000, Tripoli-Libya, Department of Geological Science- University College London in cooperation with the LPI and the Arabian Gulf Oil Company
  • 1st International Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery in Libya, 07-08/07/1999, Tripoli-Libya
  • 2nd International Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery in Libya, 16-18/09/2003, Tripoli-Libya
  • Technology Transfer and Industrial Knowledge Workshop, 18-20/04/2005, Tripoli-Libya
  • First Symposium of Well logging and Formation Evaluation, 29-31/10/2000, Tripoli-Libya
  • Reevaluation of the Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphy in NE Libya Workshop, 13-15/09/2005, Tripoli-Libya, in cooperation with Berlin University – Germany
  • Petroleum Reservoirs in Sedimentary Basins in Libya workshop,19-22/02/2006, Tripoli-Libya, in cooperation with Core Lab and PTQI

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