Libyan Petroleum Institute

National Oil Corporation



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Main Conducted Studies

  • Studying the air pollution for Elfeal oil field- Mellitah Oil & Gas Company.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Seismic Survey and drilling operation in WAHA Oil Company Concessions.
  • Evaluation & Assessment of the environmental impact of current disposal practices of produced water at (8) fields in Sirte Company.
  • Evaluating and characterizing petroleum Hydrocarbon release into soil and ground water at Gargooza area (beneficiary\ Braga for oil marketing)
  • Study of contaminated area with petroleum hydrocarbons around the storage tanks of braga company at Zawia site (beneficiary\ Braga oil marketing company).
  • Study of contaminated soil and underground water caused by Aljazeera petroleum products tank farm at Bengazi City (beneficiary\ Braga oil marketing company)





  • Bioremediation of contaminated soil at Algeran area (Pilot study), beneficiary\ Braga marketing company.
  • Design of Packed Aeration Tower to Strip (VOCs) from Water
  • Preliminary study of contaminated soil and groundwater by petroleum products at Soag Algomma Gas station No. 115, beneficiary\ Braga oil marketing company
  • Environmental impact of produced water evaporation pit at Nasser oil field, beneficiary\ Sirte Company for oil and gas production
  • Nature and extent of soil and groundwater contamination caused by petroleum storage tank No. 407 at Ras-Elmongar tank farm, beneficiary\ Braga oil marketing company.
  • Effect of leaking fuel from storage tank No. 83 at EL-Fatah storage tank farm on soil and ground water, beneficiary\ Braga oil marketing company. Study of contaminated area adjacent to Zawia Refinery. 





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