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Laboratory Testing Services

  • Routine Core Analysis for many wells from different reservoir of Libyan oil fields.
  • Special Core Analysis for many wells from different reservoir of Libyan oil fields.
  • (Black Oil) PVT for many wells from different reservoir of Libyan oil fields.
  • (Gas Condensate) PVT Analysis for many wells from different reservoir of Libyan oil fields.




  • Miscibility Study (Slim Tube) of Well: G7 Nakhla GUP, Wintershall-Libya.
  • Complete evaluation of drilling fluid material and additives according to API and OCCMA specifications for different companies (RWE, Mabruk Oil Company, Arabian Gulf, North Africa, Jofe and Idri Oil Service).
  • Physical properties analysis of drilling fluid (Schlumberger and RWE).






Applied Reservoir Studies and researches


  • Basic reservoir engineering of Ghani Zenad reservoir simulation study.
  • PVT correlations for Libyan crude oil in Sirte basin.
  • Determination of normal pore pressure gradient for selected fields in Sirte Basin using formation water salinity.
  • Re-evaluation and estimation of reserves for KHALIFA, zaghoot, galo field 4u/4v, lattif, magid,-masrab-c, sahl gas field using MESBAR-OIL & GAS Compartmental Reservoir Simulation software.



  •  Formation evaluation using well logs technologies for, Samah Oil Field, Balat Res., Dahra Res., Conc. NC98. Formation damage evaluation for Amal oil field.
  • Ghani oil field scale study.
  •  An investigation of origin and causes of formation damage in some Libyan oil field.
  •  Production decline analysis in Libyan reservoir.
  • Evaluation of the local Bentonite raw material-Umm Razam area, Libya.
  • Using Wadi-Shatti iron oxide as weighting agent in drilling fluid.

Our clients


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