The Libyan petroleum institute attends the digital technology forum in the oil sector.

The Libyan Petroleum Institute participates in the activities of the days of digital technology forum for the oil sector during the 24th to 26th of May 2021 at the main meeting hall at the headquarters of the Arab Gulf Oil Company, and the participation of the Institute was represented by Mr. Anwar Jumaa Al-Zalitni, Director of Information Technology and Technical Support, Mr. Anwar Jumaa Al-Zalitni, Mr. Ibrahim Salem Najm, Head of the Information and Communication Technology Department, and Eng. Ghalia Abu Al-Qasim Al-Maqtouf, Head of the Microsoft Team at the Institute. The forum also included the participation of members of the management committees concerned with petrol companies, directors of its IT departments, members of the Central Negotiation Committee, and many other specialists.


Mr. Jadallah Al-Awkali, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, inaugurated the forum with a speech in which he welcomed the attendees and indicated that we are in our first decade in the field of digital technology challenges, and today we have obtained the attention and appreciation of information technology companies and international institutions for the application and commitment of the National Oil Corporation and its companies to standards And digital governance, transparency, performance and quality rates.


He added that we are meeting today and the next two days to discuss and negotiate with equality, efficiency and preference with international companies specialized in the field of digital technology, and that the fourth renewal of the Microsoft agreement that we are about to adopt today indicates to you and the partners the commitment of the National Oil Corporation and its companies to global standards, its respect for intellectual property and its endeavor to develop the promising Libyan youth of both genders, including those with special needs, to improve the quality of service and digitize procedures and avoid the risks of information breaches.

Mr. Al-Awkali indicated that the Arabian Gulf Oil Company has become a model in implementing programs in various fields.


He emphasized about the importance of awareness among workers regarding digital technology and the importance of the agreements that we go through to reach our goal of digital transformation and reducing paperwork.


During the forum, an agreement was made with Microsoft to renew its licenses for the fourth time in a row, also the terms of the agreement, bills of quantities and services provided through this agreement were discussed, as well as presentations on the services provided by the International Oracle Corporation and SAP in the field of application protection and databases.


Source: Arabian Gulf Oil Company

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