NOC and its companies participating in the Libya Energy Renaissance Forum organized by Schlumberger

NOC Chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla and Schlumberger President and CEO, Mr. Olivier Le Peuch participated in the Libya Renaissance held in Turkey Istanbul, during three days.
In his opening statement the Chairman of NOC, he welcomed the attendees and praised the relationship between NOC and Schlumberger, extending for decades since the discovery of oil in Libya. He pointed out the importance of the joint programs being implemented to improve the production, and Schlumberger’s efforts in implementing the latest technology to improve production and to resume production from long term shut in wells, as well as the establishment of a training center in Benghazi to develop manpower skills. He mentioned that this center has already started its training programs in Benghazi, and the first group has graduated end March.
President and CEO of Schlumberger, Mr. Olivier Le Peuch expressed his appreciation to the strategic partnership with the Libyan oil sector and the constant presence of Schlumberger in Libya, even at the difficult time that the county went through.
The latest technologies used for enhancing production from oil reservoirs were presented in the forum, especially the technologies used for the optimum reservoir management with the go’s oil practice. The forum also presented the latest techniques used for the re-entry of wells and improving their productivity, through horizontal and slanted drilling. The attendees made significant interactions.
Part of the Forum was specified to the technologies available to Schlumberger regarding the surface facilities integrity assessment and improvement and rehabilitation of damaged fields.
The forum activities were attended by Mr. Abulgasem Shengher, Member of the Board of NOC, Chairmen of the oil operating companies in Libya, managers of the concerned technical departments at the oil sectors and also attended by Schlumberger’s CEOs of America, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as some technical specialists of Shlumberger worldwide.

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